Board games to win

Today in Crémines we offer a free board game loan service for the inhabitants of the village. More than 1000 games are available, for all ages, number of players and levels of play.

Card games, board games, two-way games, family games, strategy games…

We can prepare lots of custom games!

Write or call us on 076 683 60 16 for personalized advice.
We will make a proposal based on your possible preferences: type of games, number, ages and levels of players, spoken languages (for rules).

You can also check the list of games at the bottom of the page, and send us your "order." We recommend testing 2-4 games at a time.

— A small sign when everything is ready, and you just pick up your deck of games.

You can also select the games directly on site by appointment. A member of the association will welcome you.

Return of the loan

When you are done, please thoroughly check the contents of the boxes before returning the games. You'll be able to take it back to life!

Support the Ludo Take Away

Let's get to know each other and take care of each other! It is in this sense that we want to share the games of the Ludo Take Away. Our association pursues philanthropic goals with the means of the board. We believe that the world is better off when it relies on a network of caring people.
If you become a machina of the play library, which we are already happy about, we would also be happy to have you as a member. An email address, a phone number and a name are all it takes! We do not have a mandatory contribution system. We occasionally communicate any actions and offers that we offer, usually at a free price.
That said, while we live well in love and fresh water, we are fond of human exchanges, small moments of chatter that sometimes lead to hands and other forms of bartering and gifts in both directions.
Finally, spontaneous contributions of all kinds are welcome, of all kinds and importance. As for the hard-hitting and stumbling cash donations, they are also possible and welcome as well. (see "Support Us").

Contact for the Ludo Take Away 076 683 60 16 MalcolmT
he Suites of the Pantograph
Rue de l'Industrie 65

Liste des jeux

wdt_ID Titre Editeur Auteur Etat Langue Age Temps de jeu Nombre de joueurs étagère
1 Tobago Gigamic - Zoch Allen Manque 1 pion FR 0
2 Demetra QWG Breese FR 0
3 Kingsburg Ubik Chirvesio - Iennaco FR 0
4 Die Brücken von Shangrila Kosmos Colovini Boîte DE 0
5 Titania Hans im Glück Dorn DE 0
6 Im Jahr des Drachen Alea Feld Boîte DE 0
7 El Gaucho Argentum Fühler GB 0
8 Spiel der Türme Pro Ludo Hoffmann DE 0
9 Olympos Ystari Keyaerts FR-GB 0
10 Beowulf Kosmos Knizia DE 0
Titre Editeur Auteur Etat Langue Age Temps de jeu Nombre de joueurs étagère